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Online Sponsorships

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Online Sponsorships


The Fairfield Chamber offers its members an opportunity to reach residential and business viewers through our web site.


Gold Sponsorship


A Gold Sponsorship gives your banner ad prime placement in the chamber web site's. Your ad will go into rotation on every page of the site -- and this is the only package that includes the home page. We accept a limited number of Gold Sponsors to give you maximum exposure to the thousands of people visiting our site. All banners are 120 x 286 pixels, static images only. You may deliver finished artwork to our office or ask us to create an ad for you.


Your banner ad will take visitors to your company's web site. If you don't currently have a web site of your own, the chamber can link it to a free Member Profile inside our web site.


$3,000 per year or $900 per quarter


Silver Sponsorship


If your focus is a bit narrower, the Silver Sponsorship was designed for you. Maybe you want to reach other chamber members, or people who live and work in Fairfield, or just people who might be living here soon. Choose one of these high-traffic areas to sponsor:



Your banner will go into rotation. Ads are 120 x 286 pixels,

$1,000 per year or $600 for six months


Preferred Member


Preferred Members get top placement in the online Member Directory. Your highlighted listing will appear above other members in the search results. Like an ad in the yellow pages, this enhanced listing is an eye-catcher for your business -- and another way to get that elusive edge over the competition. (If multiple Preferred Members fall on one page, the listings will appear in alphabetical order.)

$175 per year


Multiple Category Listing


One category listing in the online Member Directory is included with every chamber membership, but sometimes one listing just isn't enough. With a Multiple Category Listing you can define your business as broadly or narrowly as you like, great for businesses with a wide range of products or services. Because you can't always describe everything you do in a word or two.

$50 per listing per year


Featured Member Profile - FREE


Put your chamber membership to work with a free Member Profile on the chamber web site. Profiles aren't ads; they're short articles that offer some insight into who you are and what your business is about -- what you do, and why you do it the way you do. Your profile will appear prominently on the home page (with your company logo if available) for at least two weeks. And when your time on the home page is over, our visitors can find your profile in the permanent Member Profile Archive where it continues working for you.


Web Link - FREE


Your online Member Directory listing includes a link to your web site. Let our site be a gateway to yours, and it's free! If we don't have your web address, send an email to info@FairfieldCTChamber.com.



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Ad Flyers


If you want your flyer distributed in an upcoming monthly mailing, you must call the chamber office first to discuss availability of your insertion and/or our special delivery dates. Before you get your flyer printed, you must have it reviewed and approved by the chamber.  We will need 75 pieces of an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet, delivered to the chamber office, along with your check.  You may print on both sides of your flyer.  Your flyer will be included in our weekly email blasts for four consecutive weeks (one month).


The cost is $165 for members and $300 for non-members.


Business Card Size Ads


For another advertising option, members can place a business card size ad, 2" x 3-1/2", in our monthly mailings.  They will be placed on the front cover of the monthly newsletter.  Your business card will also be included in our weekly email blasts and linked to your web site.


Your paper business card, a camera ready ad, or an electronic version should be received by the chamber one week prior to the last day of the month, along with your check.


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